Innovative Technology

Innovative solutions WireTough Cylinders LLC

WireTough Cylinders’ innovative, patented, proprietary technology employs a lightweight steel liner, wrapped with a high strength steel wire, sealed with a special epoxy and covered with a thin protective mesh. The reinforcement ensures added strength along the axial portion of the cylinder. Top coated in a polymer shell that is also UV rated, cylinders are protected from the environment.

WireTough cylinders  have ASME certification for ground storage of hydrogen, CNG and other industrial gasses as well as DOT and NGV-2 approvals for on-board vehicle storage of CNG. Because the wire reinforces the axial portion of the cylinder, WireTough cylinders can provide greater strength per pound and greater capacity than solid steel cylinders, as well as lower costs and longer cycle life than composite carbon fiber or fiberglass cylinders. Our cylinders offer a unique combination of low cost, long cycle life and lower weight, particularly at pressures above 7,000 psi.

WireTough cylinders are suitable for a wide range of applications; including ground storage for hydrogen and CNG at a maximum of 15,000 psi (1000 BAR). We also produce cylinders for an equally wide range of other applications, including CNG vehicle (DOT) cylinders, at 3,600 psi (250 BAR) and ground storage for non-corrosive gases including argon, nitrogen and oxygen.