A Better Way to Store Energy

WireTough Cylinders: Lightweight steel liners wrapped in a proprietary steel wire.
Providing storage for hydrogen, CNG and other gasses.

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WireTough’s exclusive proprietary design uses lightweight steel liners wrapped with an ultra-high strength steel wire, sealed with a special epoxy and covered with a thin protective mesh. The design is coupled with a proprietary manufacturing process that allows WireTough Cylinders to operate in harsh conditions and at significantly higher operating pressures.

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WireTough has cutting edge designs in three areas: (1) CNG/RNG vehicle tanks in sizes from 57 liters to 200 liters, (2) CNG/RNG/non-corrosive gas (except hydrogen) ground storage that is ASME approved and extremely cost effective and (3) ASME approved hydrogen ground storage tanks with operating pressure between 500 and 875 Bar. Licensing opportunities available.

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WireTough’s exclusive, patented technology and process enables its cylinders to be both strong and affordable with very long cycle lives in extreme conditions, including hydrogen embrittlement. Additionally, WireTough cylinders are affordable because the materials it uses are off-the-shelf materials. Custom designs can be quickly computed and readied for licensing agreements.

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