Leadership and Industry Expertise

Ashok Saxena, PhD- President and CTO

Dr. Saxena is a world renowned and recognized researcher in the field of metal fatigue, fracture mechanics, and environment assisted cracking in steels, with a history of working with ASTM in developing materials testing standards for assessing durability of materials operating in harsh environments.

Thomas David, JD/MBA- Vice-President, Marketing

Mr. David has over 30 years of experience in entrepreneurial high tech companies as a General Counsel, CEO, and marketing executive.

William Thomson, BSME/MBA- Director, Engineering

Mr. Thomson has over 35 years of experience in Process Engineering in the tire manufacturing industry and is now responsible for all of WireTough's production and process equipment.

Rahul Saxena, BS/MBA- Consultant

Mr. Saxena has had a deep engineering background along with extensive business experience operating and guiding startups.  He has served as a Board member to several early stage companies that have been acquired by public companies along with operating a tech company also acquired by a public company.

George Sharp, MSEM- Technology Consultant

Mr. Sharp has 7 years experience as an Industrial Engineer in the tire and aerospace industry and 31 years with NASA ending as Chief Engineer.  George now supports Wire Tough as a Structural and Manufacturing Engineer..