Affordable Solutions

WireTough’s unique, patented technology enables our cylinders to be very strong and affordable creating a competitively priced alternative to Type I and significantly lower priced than Type III or IV vehicle tanks. Our goal has and continues to be, a product that can meet and exceed industry needs without breaking the bank! Dependability and value to our customers is WireTough Cylinders' primary goal. Moving forward, WireTough Cylinders LLC continues to improve on it's ever growing product line through research and development. Logistics platforms, including everything from production pipeline analysis to marketing development and demographics, play a crucial role in our ability to deliver quality, affordable products to the industry. Diversity and flexibility in production help to insure that WireTough is and will continue to be an industry leader for many years to come!


In today's market, having a product that you can count on for many years, seems so much less likely to come by. That's why at WireTough Cyllinders LLC, we focus on the long term dependability of yesterday while producing a solid, affordable line of cylinders, built on the technology of tomorrow and in an ever changing world of budgets and deadlines, we strive to offer affordable solutions that will bring a substantial value to the customer, equaled only by the value WireTough sees in our customers, themselves! We're here to help you find the product that best suits your own logistics needs so please, feel free to contact one of our very skilled and talented marketing associates! We look forward to providing you with the information you need to make the right decision in meeting your specific needs! It's our pleasure to match our solution to your application and our continued goal to offer you superior goods and services from start to finish!

Contact [email protected] for specific quotes for your application.