Advantages of Type II-S Hydrogen Storage

The question we get asked the most about here at WireTough is, “What’s the big advantage of using a Type II-S cylinder instead of a Type I cylinder?”

To help answer that question, it’s important to remember that weight savings isn’t necessarily a big advantage when you’re taking about ground storage. Up to this point, Type I cylinders have been listed as costing less per cylinder than our Type II-S cylinders. However, when you begin comparing capacity coupled with cost per kilogram of hydrogen stored, the real advantages begin to shine. In Figure 1, you can begin see the advantage of Type II-S cylinders even at low storage quantities. One Type II-S cylinder will cost about 50 percent less than four typical Type I cylinders.

Figure 1

When you begin getting into larger storage needs, our design really shows its advantages above others in the market. As you can see in Figure 2, there is a cost savings based upon kilograms of hydrogen stored, and there is also a cost savings within the infrastructure of the storage facility. That additional savings means a smaller footprint is required to store the same amount of hydrogen compared to Type I cylinders. Less cylinders required also means less plumbing, valves, racks and regulators. The cost savings begins to add up, and that savings goes beyond simply the cylinder price.

Figure 2

We can help you discover even more additional savings advantages with Type II-S cylinders, such as fatigue life, overcoming hydrogen embrittlement, safety and overall durability. Our team at WireTough would love to tell you more about this product and how it can help your business. To learn more, contact [email protected].


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