Hydrogen Ground Storage

WireTough offers a full line of ASME approved hydrogen ground storage products in different sizes and pressures. They include 200, 600, 765 and 2,130 liter capacity, with maximum allowable working pressures from 275 bar (4,000 psi) to 1000 bar (15,000 psi). These WireTough cylinders can store from 4.4 kg to 47 kg of hydrogen.

ASME Certified 1600 ltr. Ground Storage Cascade.


WireTough’s 200 liter ASME certified, hydrogen ground storage can be tiered to create a cascade and 4.4 kg at a  Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP) of 310 bar per cylinder, can be scaled to provide only the amount of storage needed. At dimensions of 430 mm x 2 meters and a weight of only 530 lbs. per cylinder, site preparation , transportation and assembly are simpler and less expensive.

WireTough also has intermediate (6 meters long) and large (9.2 meters long) ASME certified hydrogen hground storage tanks. Details are shown in the chart below. All of our hydrogen ground storage tanks are certified under ASME Section VIII, Division 3 and meet the additional requirements under Part KD-10 that apply specifically to certification for hydrogen tanks. Our medium sized cylinders are six meters long and come in diameters of 430 mm and 610 mm (16 inches and 24 inches). At 500 bar, they can hold up to 47 kg of hydrogen. WireTough hydrogen ground storage cylinders are lighter and can operate at higher pressure than solid steel (Type I) cylinders of similar capacity. Our large cylinders are 9.2 meters long and, at 1,000 bar MAWP, each cylinder holds 38.3 kg of hydrogen. All our cylinders are very cost competitive.

WireTough's 30 Foot hydrogen ground storage cylinders can handle a max capacity of 34 kg, at 13,000 psi. these cylinders can be fitted for individual use or arrayed, for increased storage capacity.

WireTough’s 9.2 meter hydrogen ground storage cylinders can store 38.3 kg of hydrogen, at a MAWP of 15,000 psi (1000 bar). These cylinders can be fitted for individual use or arranged in cascades, for increased storage capacity.