Hydrogen Ground Storage

Utilizing the same technology as our CNG products, WireTough’s breakthrough hydrogen storage products offer large capacity tanks with very long cycle lives.  WireTough offers several ASME compliant hydrogen ground storage products in different sizes and pressures. We completed a Department of Energy project in 2014 that led to the development of our HS700 Hydrogen Ground Storage for high pressures up to 700 bar. We are excited to announce our new HS350 and HS500 Hydrogen Storage Solution that can hold up to 45 kg at 500 bar. All solutions are extremely durable, safe, and most importantly economical. 

WireTough’s 9.2 meter hydrogen ground storage cylinders can store between 33.2 Kg and 47.7 Kg of hydrogen at a MOP of 12,700 psi (875 bar). These cylinders are typically arranged in arrays of three tanks per array for increased storage capacity.

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