CNG Ground Storage

WireTough offers a full line of CNG ground storage products in different sizes and pressures. They range from 200, 600, 1,000 and 2,130 liter capacities, with pressures from 290 (4,200 psi) to 1000 bar (15,000 psi). Each individual cylinder can store from 20 GGE to 181 GGE.

ASME Certified 1600 ltr. Ground Storage Cascade.

WireTough’s 200 liter ASME, ground storage can be tiered to create a cascade and, at 20 GGE per cylinder, can be scaled to provide only the amount of storage needed. At dimensions of 430 mm x 2 meter and a weight of only 530 lbs. per cylinder, site preparation, transportation and assembly are easier and less expensive. When compared to the cost of conventional spheres or large cylinder storage, the savings are quite considerable!

WireTough offers also, six and ten meter hydrogen storage cylinders, at capacities of 60 and 100 GGE, respectively. These cylinders can be shipped individually or assembled as arrays.

WireTough Cylinders offers ASME certified high capacity CNG storage at 15,000 psi.